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Describe the brief idea in max three sentences

To gain speed and agility, your organization must transform itself. Transformation today requires insourcing – the bold engagement of your own people around a vision for change and a sense of urgency.
When combined with rigorous coordination and changeleadership, you will create an organization capable of moving quickly in the face of any change and of generating tangible business results – continuously.

    Initial idea / vision

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    Describe the initial ideas and vision for the project

    Kotter’s 8-steps process equips businesses with the meansand method to transform themselves quickly, continuously and with powerful results. His international bestseller Leading Change (1996), is consideredby many to be the seminal work in the field of change management.
    Unsuccessful transitions almost always founder during at least one of the following phases: generating a sense of urgency, establishinga powerful guiding coalition, developing a vision, communicating the vision clearly and often, removing obstacles, planning for and creating short-term wins, avoiding premature declarations of victory, and embedding changes in the corporate culture.

      Scope planning

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      Describe the scope of planned project

      Students will describe the key processes, outlining the largest errors that can doom these efforts and explaining the general lessons that encourage success.
      Senior leadership empowers this coalition with enough organizational power to lead the change effort and keep it on target through its various stages. The success of a change effort largely depends on the quality of the guiding coalition and the attention senior leadership gives to its composition. The importance of this step is minimized at times and this often leads to failed organizational change efforts.
      There are several common mistakes that senior leaders make. First, senior leaders often fail to stay actively engaged with their guiding coalition after they form it.  This is a mistake as ongoing senior leadership participation with the guiding coalition is essential to the success of a change effort. Without this ongoing participation, the guiding coalition is unable to counter the inevitable resistance to change that will occur from various organizational stakeholders.
      Second, senior leaders can doom the coalition’s effectiveness by appointing the wrong people to the team. Coalition members must be skilled at what they do, be credible to others in the organization, and ideally be influential (so they can influence others to accept change). The coalition members must also trust each other and egos and backbiting must be closely managed. 
      If the guiding coalition cannot work together, the change effort is doomed to failure!

        Planned activities and tasks

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        Describe which activities and tasks could be undertaken by the project

        Ideen zur Einordnung der Phase in verschiedene Phasenmodelle:
        Kotters 2. Stufe "Build Guiding Coalition" lässt sich in folgende Phasenmodelle einordnen:
            - Lewins 3-Phasen-Modell: "Unfreeze" Phase (es gilt die Organisation auf die Veränderung vorzubereiten)
            - Streich Emotionale Kurve: "Vorahnung/ Sorge" der Betroffenen
            - Projektmanagement: "Definitionsphase"
            --> "Build Guiding Coalition": Diese Phase findet nach der Veränderungsentscheidung der Führungskraft und vor der Ankündigung der Veränderung statt
            --> in dieser Phase ist es wichtig: Betroffene, Mitstreiter und Schlüsselpersonen zu finden und zu überzeugen, einzubinden und Sponsorship zu sichern 

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          Sollen wir unsere Phase dann in die anderen Modelle einordnen und evtl. das dann auf Flipchart darstellen?

        Partners involved

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        List the partners and main responsibilities

        Students,professors and visiting lectures will provide ideas and knowledge to the topic in this project to equip students with solid information for their group work.

          Tasks and deadlines

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          Distribute tasks and deadlines


            Draft the proposal

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            Draft all sections of proposal and UPLOAD date and research papers HERE!


              Harmonize proposal

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              Harmonize proposal

              Hier die bisherige Version: Jeder sollte seine Folie noch überarbeiten/anpassen

                Submit proposal

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                Submit the proposal and plan next steps