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This platform is a place to find others to connect and work together on open education from the very beginning when bouncing around ideas to the final outcome – whether this is an open course or open textbook or anything else that helps to open up education.

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Lifelong Learning Programme

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    Everyone, Each Branch are Guaranteed: Open Education & Open Workplace

    Everyone, Each Branch are Guaranteed: Open Education & Open Workplace. Her Bireye, Her Dalda Garanti: Açık Eğitim & Açık İşyeri. Anyone, each branch who finishes certain online, open courses must still be guaranteed a online, remote job, certificate, diploma. Çevrimiçi belirli dersleri bitiren her bireye, her dalda yine çevrimiçi iş, sertifika, diploma olanağının garanti edilmesi gerekir.

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    Création d'un POC utilisant des technologies modernes. L'objectif est de comprendre et maîtriser des nouvelles technologies, afin les mettre au service des ambitions de l'entreprise.

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    Amazon - Best Practices in Supply Chain Management

    The idea space - Case study Amazon - will collect ideas and information about the core competences of Amazon in the area of Supply Chain Management. Students, professors and other participants can share their ideas and upload information, such as research papers, videos and publications under this idea space.

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    Mass Customization in the Fashion and Textile Industry

    The case study miadidas compiles information about mass customization and future trends in online trading. Students and teachers collect information and ideas about mass customization and prerequisites of supply chain management in this idea space.

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    Teaching Tools Pyramid

    Like healthy food pyramid, teachers may follow the teaching tools pyramid, which shows us the percentage of teaching tools in regards to theoretical or practical subjects. A good, mean full & logic teaching process is one of the critical points which lead to reach the learning goals in proper way. Teachers use many kinds of teaching tools, which are dealing directly with the learning requirements, so they should design an advanced teaching...