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Diese Plattform hilft Dir andere zu finden, die wie Du an der (digitalen) Öffnung der Bildung interessiert sind. Suchst Du Mitwirkende oder Mitdenker für OER, offene Kurse, freie Lehrbücher oder etwas anderes? Hier kannst Du Deine Idee veröffentlichen und mit anderen zusammenarbeiten: Von der ersten Idee bis hin zur Evaluation nach der Umsetzung.

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Lifelong Learning Programme

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    Find the Number one selling Best Clamping Kits online at best price

    Best clamping kits prevent movement and separation during inward pressure. It results in accurate resistance and repeatability. The small looking parts of best clamping kits bring enhancement of the machine’s capability. Get full detail, please visit the website http://www.raycofixture.com

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    Wetlands Project

    This project can be used to teach children about the importance of wetlands, and the effects that climate change can have on them. The power point included discusses boht the different types of wetlands, the benefits they have on the environment, and the effects of climate change. Also included are plans for a planter, which can give students a visual demonstration as to how wetlands can filter pollutants out of the water....

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    Learing WebAssembly

    The web platform is getting a new low-level binary compile format that will do a better job at being a compiler target than JavaScript.

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    Educational Tourism proposal

    Develop a proposal for an online course to introduce stakeholders from the tourism sector to Educational Tourism (ET). The course will provide a brief introduction to Educational Tourism (definition and examples) discuss the current and emerging forms of ET, including its market potential, and provide guidance for its successful implementation.

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    society 2.0

    A web platform that learns from wikipedia and similar collaborative to bring collaboration to a new level. The platform to design, promote and implement a new way of living together, in peace among ourselves and with the worlds resources. Don't know yet how exactly do this, for this I need you!