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The case study miadidas compiles infromation about mass customization and future trends in online trading.
Students and teachers collect information and ideas about mass customization and prerequisites of supply chain management in this idea space.

Many companies are exploring mass customization as a way to demonstrate market leadership and capture price premiums. 
The core idea of mass customization is to turn customers' heterogeneous needs into an opportunity to create value, rather than a problem to be minimized, challenging the "one size fits all" assumption of traditional mass production.The concept of mass customization makes business sense in these times. Why wouldn't people want to be treated as individual customers, with products tailored to their specific needs? But mass customization has been trickier to implement than first anticipated. The key to profiting from mass customization is to see it not as a stand-alone business strategy that is replacing today's production and distribution systems, but as a set of organizational capabilities that can supplement and enrich an existing system.

    Target Group

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    People who are interested in Adidas and miadidas, the mass customization process at this company and mass customization in usual.


      Case study objectives

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      Every person who has read this should be well informed about Adidas and be an expert at mass customization.

      When students are presented with the case, they place themselves in the role of the decision maker as they read through the situation and identify the problem they are faced with. The next step is to perform the necessary analysis - examining the causes and considering alternative courses of actions to come to a set of recommendations.
      Subjects to be covered:
          Customization; Distribution; Information management; Production; Project management; Supply chain management


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        A good general knowledge, specific interest in Adidas and Mass customization

             Researchers at RWTH Aachen are analysing the mass customization at MiAdidas.
             Prof. Dr. Frank Piller is an international well recognized expert in the study of Mass Customization.

          Trends in Mass customization

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          • Kunden sind der neue Markt
            Sie möchten ihre Produkte perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten und sind auch bereit den Preis dafür zu bezahlen. Hetergonität spielt eine große Rolle.
          • Unternehmen müssen siich den Kunden anpassen
            Der Kunde soll im Zentrum des Unternehmens stehen
          • Bodyscanner
            Dadurch wird eine Maßanfertigung ermöglicht, ohne dass Kunden etwas anprobieren müssen
          • Kunden möchten das eigene "Ich" zum Ausdruck bringen
            Individualität und der Unterschied zu anderen Menschen sicnd wichtig
          • Customization ist die neue Treue
            Zufriedene Kunden werden zu Wiederkäufern
          • Kunden brauchen eine Orientierung
            Design-Vorlagen als Hilfestellung und Ideegeber


            Videos Adidas

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            Here you can find some commercials from Adidas and videos about how to create your miadidas product online.

            Miadidas commercial 2012: Design your own football boot like Lionel Messi
            How to create your shirt or shorts

              Case study layout

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              Please describe here the case study layout.

              1.Geschichte von Adidas
              2.Miadidas Mass Customization Initiative
              3.Funktionen von Mass Customization
              4.Miadidas Amazon's Initiative
              5.Miadidas vs. NikeID
              6.ZukünftigeTrends in Mass Customization
              Examines Adidas' recent "mi adidas" initiative, aimed at delivering customized athletic footwear to retail customers. 
              Discusses the practical implications associated with expanding the initiative from a small pilot to a wider operation with retail presence. 
              Enables the reader to evaluate an interlinked set of issues, from marketing, retailer selection, and information management through production and distribution, project management, and strategic fit.
              Offers three alternative routes for moving forward and challenges participants to decide the future direction of "mi adidas."

                Learning Outcomes

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                Complete knowledge about mass customization and Adidas

                Collaborators - Please upload your research material and case study results here:
                The following link shows the PowerPoint presentation of the student research work at the MBA class at the university of applied science Pforzheim in 2014. The case study was part of the syllabus and examination.
                The following links show the PowerPoint presentation and the term paper of the student researchs work at the IBA class at the Duale Hochschule DHBW Heilbronn in 2015. The case study was part of the syllabus and examination.

                  Didactical Concept

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                  Please describe the key aspects of the didactical / instructional design

                  The case method is a profound educational innovation that presents the greatest challenges confronting leading companies,non-profits, and government organizations - complete with the constraints and incomplete information found in real business issues - and places the student in the role of the decision maker. There are no simple solutions; yet through the dynamic process of exchanging perspectives, countering and defending points, and building on each other's ideas, students become adept at analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions

                    Course Plan

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                    Please create a table which shows the main contents, learning activities as well as potential references (book chapters, papers, ..) and OER to be used for the course development.


                      Course Development

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                      Finally lets create our resource

                          Mass Customization means to offer products or services which meet the demands of each individual customer, but which still can be produced and delivered with mass production efficiency. 
                          Or, as B. Joseph Pine, who made mass customization popular with his 1993 book,: “Today I define Mass Customization as the low-cost, high-volume, efficient production of individually customized offerings”.

                        Experiences and Feedback

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                        All users provide their experiences


                          Follow up

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                          The group discusses and agrees on changes which should be made based on the feedback.