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What is the Case Study all about? What is broad topic of the case. What are the main objectives to be covered?

In a volatile global marketplace, the largest and most influential organizations must depend on the strength of their supply chain strategies.
To showcase how Starbucks Corporation's ambitious growth objectives depended heavily on an unstable factor in its supply chain, provide an understanding of Starbucks' supply issues and how the company actively addressed and managed those issues while also acting socially responsible

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    In dieser Fallstudie soll die Supply-Chain der Unternehmung Starbucks untersucht, analysiert und vorgestellt werden. Ferner sollen Umsätze, Wettbewerber sowie Chancen und Risiken der Branche aufgezeigt werden.

Target Group

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Item body will follow 


    Course Objectives

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    Describe the main objectives you would like to achieve in the course. This can contain very broad competencies students shall achieve.

    The course focuses on supply chain management (SCM). SCM is seen as a key process in many industries and a strategic advantage if performed well.
    Students will learn from best practices in the market and compare the practcial-oriented case study with the theoretical background from the course.
     1. Understand the different types of supply chains and how those types fit into varied product market requirements. 
     2. Understand the tradeoffs between two major types of supply chains: physically efficient and market responsive. 
     3. How to coordinate supply chains to deliver greater value for all stakeholders. 
     4. Determine the appropriate footprint for an organization's supply chain. 
     5. Illustrate strategies to manage supply chain risk.


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      Describe the prerequisites which you foreseen for the target group

      A prerequisite is a case study about the company Starbucks, which can be downloaded from Harvard Business.
      The HBR case study is a research paper well documented by professors and functions as a starting point for further investigations.

        Constraints / Standards

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        Which discipline / industry standards might have to be considered?

        Here are a few examples the students can use:
        An introduction of Starbucks


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          Test 1234


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          Course Objectives

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          Please describe the refined course objectives. This should be in line with module descriptions in the course syllabus.

          When students are presented with a case, they place themselves in the role of the decision maker as they read through the situation and identify the problem they are faced with. The next step is to perform the necessary analysis - examining the causes and considering alternative courses of actions to come to a set of recommendations.

            Learning Outcomes

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            Please describe the learning outcomes.

            A major advantage of teaching with case studies is that the students are actively engaged in figuring out the principles by abstracting from the examples. This develops their skills in:
            1. Problem solving
            2. Analytical tools, quantitative and/or qualitative, depending on the case
            3. Decision making in complex situations
            4. Coping with ambiguities

              Didactical Concept

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              Please describe the key aspects of the didactical / instructional design

              Many students are more inductive than deductive reasoners, which means that they learn better from examples than from logical development starting with basic principles.
              The case method is a profound educational innovation that presents the greatest challenges confronting leading companies, nonprofits, and government organizations - complete with the constraints and incomplete information found in real business issues - and places the student in the role of the decision maker. There are no simple solutions; yet through the dynamic process of exchanging perspectives, countering and defending points, and building on each other's ideas, students become adept at analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions
              Depending on the course objectives, the instructor may encourage students to follow a systematic approach to their analysis.  For example:
              • What is the issue?
              • What is the goal of the analysis?
              • What is the context of the problem?
              • What key facts should be considered?
              • What alternatives are available to the decision-maker?
              • What would you recommend - and why?

                Course Plan

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                Please create a table which shows the main contents, learning activities as well as potential references (book chapters, papers, ..) and OER to be used for the course development.


                  Course Development

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                  Finally lets create our resource

                  Collaborators - Please upload your research material and results here:
                  Submit your publication here. This can contain an article, a Power Point presentation and summary or a term paper etc.
                  The following link shows the PowerPoint presentation of the student research work at the DHBW Heilbronn in 2015. The case study was part of the syllabus and examination.
                  The following paper is the summary of the reserach work in a Office word format:

                    Experiences and Feedback

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                    All users provide their experiences


                      Follow up

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                      The group discusses and agrees on changes which should be made based on the feedback.