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What is the case study all about? What is the broad topic, what are the main aspects to be covered?

Carlos Ghosn became the COO of Nissan Motor Co., a troubled auto company in Japan when Renault bought 38% of the company in 1999. 
This case deals with how Ghosn turned the company around. Examines in considerable detail how he went about successfully energizing and mobilizing the demoralized employees after a decade of failed efforts. 
Ghosn has to deal with Japanese culture at Nissan as well as French etiquettes at Renault, while achieving synergies with their partnerships. At the same time,the challenges for the two automakers were equally high with the global automobile industry in a downturn and product and market expansions underway at both the companies.

    Publications related to the topic

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    Addtional information to the topic - Cross-Cutural Management can be uploaded here

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      Please describe here the aim and topics of the case study.

      (1) The case details the leadership style of Carlos Ghosn at Nissan, highlighting how he dealt with the cultural differences he faced at the company and implemented stringent cost-cutting to recover from debt and losses.
      (2) Understand various issues and concepts in change management, organizational restructuring and talent management;

        Final presentation and Term Paper

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        Please provide here the final presentation and a 3 page summary of the case study and the major learnings in Cross-Cultural Management related to the course.

        The students from the MBA course - Cross-cultural Management at the Hochschule Pforzheim uploaded their final presentation here. The work is the result of a three month desk research, based on case study materials from Harvard Business and addtional sources uploaded by the consortium.
        Attached herewith is the presentation and the term paper by student from Summer Semester 2016