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What is the course all about. What is the broad topic, what are the main aspects to be covered?

The main idea of this course is to familiarize students with the basics of e-learning. Students should be able to design e-learning solutions themselves. The course should be very practical aiming at combining theoretical considerations and practical realization.

    Target Group

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    Briefly describe the characteristics, requirements and preferences of the target group

    The course is designed for students with the following characteristics:
    • 6th semester in human technology interaction
    • Bachelor Students
    • Solif background in programming, user interface design
    • No Background in didactics and educational sciences
    Students clearly have a focus on designing and coding interactive solutions.

      Course Objectives

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      Describe the main objectives you would like to achieve in the course. This can contain very broad competencies students shall achieve.

      Ability to design and realize e-learning courses covering the broad range of possible approaches.


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        Describe the prerequisites which you foreseen for the target group

        the following courses are required as pre-requisites
        • Basics of application development 
        • User interface design
        • Project management

          Learning Outcomes

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          Please describe the learning outcomes.

          After finishing this course succesfully, students should be to able to...
          • understand key concepts of e-learning
          • plan, design, develop, realize and validate learning solutions using ICT
          • elicitating requirements from all stakeholders
          • elicitate relevant contents for courses
          • analyze the target groups
          • consider different learning theories and didactic approaches and methods
          • design courses considerung contents, didactics, and presentation / interaction options
          • create evaluation and assessments
          • validate course solutions
          • have a starting point for learning innovations, e.g. towards ambient and mobile learning

            Didactical Concept

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            Please describe the key aspects of the didactical / instructional design

            The general framework is based on the Higher Education framework combining lectures and practical work. It is blocked and will be equivalent for 6 ECTS (workload around 180h)
            We will combine lectures with practical phases / case study where knowledge is direclty applied in a practical context.
            The course is finalized by an assessment to assess individual competence development.

              Course Plan

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              Please create a table which shows the main contents, learning activities as well as potential references (book chapters, papers, ..) and OER to be used for the course development.


                Course Development

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                Finally lets create our resource

                Topic / Method / Link
                1 Basics, Definitions, Examples - Demonstrations
                2 Understanding Targets Groupe - Requirements, Barriers, Contexts
                3 Content Development: Defining contents, ranking contents, validating materials
                4 Didactical Approaches: Learning Therories, Didactics / methods - lecture, demonstration, analysis of HRW programme
                5 Presentation component: Designing interactive systems
                6 Evaluation and assessment
                7 Open Educational Resources
                8 Mobile Learning: Experiental Learning

                  Experiences and Feedback

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                  All users provide their experiences


                    Follow up

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                    The group discusses and agrees on changes which should be made based on the feedback.