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Describe the strategic goals of the organization (e.g. current products, target groups, ...)

Nature and Wildlife Tourism is a growing field and market, in particular for rural and industry-wise less developed regions. For example in Norway, around 40.000 tourists participate in whale watching activities, in Japan about 200000 people generate more than US$22 million in income. For countries with specific wildlife and spectacular natural phenomena, this type of tourism has become an important economical factor and source of income and employment. 
The experience of nature tourism is obviously a risky business – not achieving the expected results – i.e. seeing certain animals or sights – might have large effects: from personal disappointment to bad reputation and negative marketing effects for whole regions. 
Therefore, we intend to enhance the experience of nature tourism for certain aspects by the use of new technologies, in particular using drones and digital services. Our initial idea is about the creation of new experiences for nature travelers for wild-life watching and observation of natural phenomena. We intend to create new possibilities of observation but also new ways of experiencing those in a mixed real and digital space.

    Innovation strategy

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    Please describe if there is already an innovation strategy / process to be used



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      Participants: experts (the FabLab in HRW):

      • Do I need a permit to fly a drone?
      • Why are there drones with 4, 6 or even 8 motors?
      • How long will a drone fly?
      • How high and far can drones fly?
      • How much can a drone carry?
      • Which sensors do you use to stabilise the drone?
      • Which cameras can be used?
      • Which drive technology do you use?
      • What happens if my drone crashes?
      • What makes your drones so unique?
      • What does the drone do if the radio link fails?
      • Do I need to insure my drone, or will my public liability insurance suffice?
      • Can flying robots also perform tasks other than capturing aerial photos or aerial film?
      • Can drones also be used indoors?
      • Can the drone batteries also be charged on the road, without outlets?
      • Are there restrictions or prohibitions in operating the drone? 



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        Describe how to generate and elaborate ideas - who should be involved, what are the steps and methods (e.g. design thinking)



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          Please describe the outcomes of an initial

          First, the  Brainstorming  will be  prepared  with stakeholders  (we  choose  participants  who  represent  a  range of  background  and  experience  with  the  current  topic),  then  the  brainstorming  session  will be  conducted by generating  ideas and  answering the questions,  finally we wrap-up the  brainstorming by gathering the answers and the ideas of the participants.
          Initial Ideas
          Our initial first idea: Watching, observing and following animals with UAVs
          • The new generation of drones can carry infrared / thermal imaging cameras which allow to spot and identify wild-life sightings
          • Drones and copter systems can be easily navigated by tourists to identify and follow the best wild-life watching spots.
          • Sustainable solutions without disturbing animal and natural environments
          • Digital services around this initial idea need to be created: 
            • Drone steering and navigation
            • Mapping and navigation to the best watching spots
            • Identification of animal species
            • Visualization and life broadcasting of sightings
            • Community-based services to mark and share sightings in different time periods 
          A second idea uses different vehicles and cameras for watching Northern lights using stratospheric balloons from 30km altitude. This would include a different transportation system but also provide completely new experiences in the nature tourism domain. 
          The initial idea is therefore to develop complete toolset for tourists and tourism agencies / travel agents:
          • An UAV (“unmanned aerial vehicle”) such as drones / multicopters / aerostats / balloons carrying a specific camera system
          • An app bundling digital services  
          • A visualization tool to experience phenomena / sightings
          • Digital services including access to communities
          • Educational materials and support for usage



          Wildlife watching for tour operators

          *Wildlife watching for tour operators
          Wildlife watching has become very popular in all parts of the world - from desert safaris through whale watching to special tours such as bear or moose watching. Tour operators, however, have a big risk to disappoint customers - a reason - which also makes nature tourism rather exciting - is that obviously that nature cannot be controlled. But there are more downsides to nature tourism - animals are disturbed in their natural habitat, eg through planes or boats to spot whales. So let us think about a more sustainable solution which is nowadays possible.
          For both, tour operators and tourists, it is essential to have successful sightings. Tour operators can now increase the accessibility of sightings and provide new - virtual and real - experiences for customers. 

          Northern Lights Watching

          *Northern Lights Watching
          Northern lights are a phenomenon which is extremely popular in the Northern- and Southern-most parts of Earth. It is also an attraction for tourist, in particular from Europe and - business-wise even a bigger opportunity - from Asia where Northern lights have even another dimension: towards fertility... However, Northern lights are not easy to spot - the biggest risk is very simple: clouds. Only in clear skies, the phenomenon can be observed. 
          Here, one further idea comes into play - stratospheric balloons could carry a drone up to about 30km. This would allow tourists to spot Northern lights 1) with a 100% probability and 2) give a totally different perspective: watching Northern lights from space!
          This idea could be extended towards different types of experiences including the preparation of stratospheric flights up to the search of balloon / drones after the experience. 

            Feasibility Check

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            Sketch the key aspects of an idea (description, target group, value proposition, business opportunities)


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              Technical feasibility Economic feasibility Legal feasibility Operational feasibility Schedule feasibility

            Background Information Collection

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            This item collects information on the topic of drones and wilidlife watching


              Method 6-3-5

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              In brainwriting 6-3-5, six people are given a form and asked to provide three ideas for solving a problem in five minutes. Participants are invited to consider out-of-the-box ideas and to combine ideas with others. The ideas are written in silence to prevent participants from influencing each other. After the first five minutes, each participant passes a form like the one below to the adjacent participant, who then reviews the ideas and adds new ones.

              The process is repeated six times, with a potential for 6 × 3 × 6 (or 104) ideas. 

              Participants/IdeasIdea 1Idea 2Idea 3
              Participant 1Lightweight material to reduce the sizeCreate CAD ModelUse 3D Printer to create Model
              Participant 2

              Participant 3

              Participant 4
              Participant 5
              Participant 6


                Ranking / Voting

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                Vote on the ideas to be developed further



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                  Target criteria

                  Weight Factor

                  Drone (Quadracopter)

                  Drone (Hexacopter)

                  Drone (Oktocopter)










































                  Flight Time




















                  payload weight










                  load-bearing capacity





























                  We estimate the strenghs of the deffirent types of drones (quadracopter, hexacopter, zeppelin...) that satisfy target criteria (safety, altitude, calmness...). 


                    Concept Elaboration

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                    How to develop the innovation? This phase can contain multiple versions of prototypes.


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                      Examples for Prototypes: Rapid Prototyping Digital Prototyping Pareto Prototyping Wireframe MockUp Moodboard/Storyboard


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                    Elaborate how to develop the prototype



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                      Describe how to validate the prototype and interpret the results.


                        Business Model

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                        Elaborate a business plan for the proposed innovation (Consider at least: Value Proposition, Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Customer Segments and Relationships, Channels, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams)


                          Marketing and Communication Plan

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                            Entry Plan

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                            How to enter markets, which are the steps in the beginning?


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                              Possible Strategies: Waterfall strategy, Sprinkler Strategy, Timing Strategy Think about: Subsidiary company, Management Agreement, Licenses, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfounding

                            Future Plans

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                            Which further markets / products will you develop?