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Describe the brief idea in max three sentences

To gain speed and agility, your organization must transform itself. Transformation today requires insourcing – the bold engagement of your own people around a vision for change and a sense of urgency.
When combined with rigorous coordination and change leadership, you will create an organization capable of moving quickly in the face of any change and of generating tangible business results – continuously.

    Initial idea / vision

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    Describe the initial ideas and vision for the project

    Kotter’s 8-steps process equips businesses with the meansand method to transform themselves quickly, continuously and with powerfulresults. His international bestseller Leading Change (1996), is consideredby many to be the seminal work in the field of change management.
    Unsuccessful transitions almost always founder during atleast one of the following phases: generating a sense of urgency, establishinga powerful guiding coalition, developing a vision, communicating the visionclearly and often, removing obstacles, planning for and creating short-termwins, avoiding premature declarations of victory, and embedding changes in thecorporate culture.
    It’s against human nature to react favorably to change because it takes people out of their comfort zone. How have you seen people react to changes in their work? The typical reaction is resistance. Such resistance can often sabotage the best efforts of management to drive changethroughout the organization. It even happens when managers are diligent communicators and active in the communication process.

      Scope planning

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      Describe the scope of planned project

      Students will describe the key processes, outlining the largest errors that can doom these efforts and explaining the general lessons that encourage success.
      With Step 5 of John’s Leading Change Model, senior leadership and the guiding coalition enter the world of implementation.  They enter difficult territory as the Devil is Always in the Details.  Or, said another way, we can often agree that change is necessary–it is just how we are exactly supposed to make change happen that causes us so much difficulty!  In Step 5, senior leadership and the guiding coalition empower broad based action.  They turn their attention to removing obstacles that do not support the change vision.
      How Should Senior Leadership and the Guiding Coalition Empower Broad Based Action?
      Why is it Necessary?
      Despite all of these efforts, however, there will be some people that resist change–often at the managerial level. Left unaddressed, these resistant managers become significant obstacles to implementing an organizational change effort.
      Students will describe what has to be done to overcome this situation and obstacles.

        Planned activities and tasks

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        Describe which activities and tasks could be undertaken by the project


          Interesting webpage about Step 5 from John Kotter

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          How structure can undermine vision

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          Harvard Business Review Leadership Library: The Executive Collection (12 Books) von Harvard Business Review,Michael D. Watkins,Clayton Christensen,Kenneth L. Kraemer, Seite 109


            Which coalitions are important for the change

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            Senior leadership and the guiding coalition need an accurate understanding of the organizational barriers that hinder the change implementation.  This is one area where the wisdom of senior leadership in selecting a guiding coalition whose members come from different levels of the organization with position power, credibility, expertise, and leadership responsibilities pays off in a huge way.  The members of the guiding coalition are invaluable for understanding what is needed to implement change effectively as they truly know how the organization operates.



              Troublesome Supervisors

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              Another barrier to effective change can be troublesome supervisors. Often these managers have dozens of interrelated habits that add up to a style of management that inhibits change. They may not actively undermine the effort, but they are simply not “wired” to go along with what the change requires. Often enthusiastic change agents refuse to confront these people. While that approach can work in the early stages of a change initiative,  by Step 5 it becomes a real problem. Easy solutions to this problem don’t exist. Sometimes managers will concoct elaborate strategies or attempt manipulation to deal with these people. If done skillfully this only slows the process and, if exposed, looks terrible – sleazy, cruel and unfair – and undermines the entire effort. Typically, the best solution is honest dialogue



                Was das UN/ die MA denken

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                  Partners involved

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                  List the partners and main responsibilities

                  Students,professors and visiting lectures will provide ideas and knowledge to the topic in this project to equip students with solid information for their group work.

                    Related networks

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                    List the networks the project can connect to


                      Tasks and deadlines

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                      Distribute tasks and deadlines


                        Draft the proposal

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                        Draft all sections of proposal and UPLOAD data and research papers HERE!

                          Harmonize proposal

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                          Harmonize key findings and combine results


                            Submit proposal

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                            Submit the proposal and upload key findings on the topic, e.g. PowerPoint presentations HERE!

                            The following paper is the project work of students in the 5th semester - course International Business.
                            The topic - Change Management - Empower Broad Based Action