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Burj Khalifa - Project Management study

Burj Khalifa, known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai. It is the tallest man-made structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m (2,722 ft). The idea space invites students and teachers to share their knowledge about project management in large scale construction projects.

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MiAdidas and mass customization

Students share their ideas how to develop a case study and provide relevant information to the topic miadidas. But, it is not only about Adidas and the idea of miadidas, it is about mass customization in usual too. Creating an own individual product gets more and more important. This case will explain what mass customization is all about and how it could be in future.

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Airbus - company and case study analysis

In this idea space, students and teachers will collaborate in teh case study research of the Airbus A3xxx project in order to illustrate the basic economics of large projects and the complexity in estimating even top-line demand for products with useful lives of up to 50 years and to illustrate the role of governments in large projects, both as investors and as customers

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Zara Supply Chain - Case Study

Zara, the largest brand under its mother company Inditex, is known worldwide for having one of the most responsive supply chain. Owning the title of the pioneer in the Fast Fashion Industry and having an extraordinarly enveloped vertical integration, Zara is able to bring new products to the stores within two weeks. That is what makes them competitive, even when comparing Zara to Gucci, Prada and Luis Vuitton. Students were invited to discover History of Zara, their role in a Fast Fashion Industry, company's Supply Chain Management and Indicators of Business Success.

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Case Study: Zara's Supply Chain

Zara - Managing Stores for Fast Fashion Draft Table of Contents includes Historical Background of Zara (1), The Fast Fashion Industry (2), Supply Chain Management at Zara , H&M and Benetton (3), Zara's Supply Chain Management (4), and Zara Today (5). The Case Study Approach includes Study of three Cases, Internet Research, Preparation of a PP-presentation 35-45 pages, Writing a 2 pages Term Paper on Word Online, and Presentation of results 35 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion.