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What is the case study all about. What is the broad topic, what are the main aspects to be covered?

The idea space - Case study Amazon - will collect ideas and information about the core competences of Amazon in the area of Supply Chain Management.
Students, professors and other participants can share their ideas and upload information, such as research papers, videos and publications under this idea space.
To analyze and understand the logical underpinnings of Amazon's distribution strategy in the United States and how best practices from the U.S. distribution system were adapted and transferred to Europe. Given that suppliers, markets, work practices, transportation systems, and customer service expectations differ across Europe, students must look at how to reconfigure Amazon's European distribution network

    Target Group

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    Target Group are students and professors using case studies in their courses. 

    Why to use case studies in the teaching?
    Benefits of the case method:
        Pioneered in the early 20th Century at Harvard University, the case method has become the favoured teaching tool of most of the world's leading business schools.
    1. It's more fun! Even as an accountant I find some of the more detailed parts of finance a little dull but framing the topic as a case brings the subject to life.
    2. It brings business back to reality. Having read more than my fair share of management books prior to London Business School 'business' had started to seem like quite an abstract, academic subject. The case method rapidly brings you back down to earth, reminding you that business involves real people being forced to make enormously important decisions often based on incomplete and/or poor quality information.
    3. Cases allow you to benefit from the experience of others.
    4. You practice articulating arguments clearly and concisely

      Course Objectives

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      Describe the main objectives you would like to achieve with the case study. 

      The main objectives of the idea collabroation is to gather different views how to approach the case study of Supply Chain Management and collect relevant information for students to prepare a research paper for the classroom.
      Collaborators can share their ideas and materials and provide further inputs into the topic - Supply Chain Management.


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        Describe the prerequisites you are using for the case study (e.g. Harvard Business Case).

        Prerequisites and information can be uploaded here!
        By 2013, Amazon had become one of the world's largest e-commerce players with over $60 billion in annual sales. Although its profitability had been uneven even after 18 years since its inception, its stock price had risen almost 17,000% since the company went public. During this time Amazon has spread its business across a variety of products and services that some see as unrelated

          Course Objectives

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          Please describe the case study key elements of Supply Chain Management course objectives. 

          By engaging students in business conflicts developed from real events, cases immerse students in the challenges they are expected to face. Challenges that require thoughtful analyses with limited or even insufficient information. That require effective responses within ambiguous circumstances or complex economic and political contexts. That, most of all,demand decisive action that must be articulated - and even defended - among other talented, ambitious individuals.
          Subjects to be covered:
              Advertising; Agile software development; Business growth; Business models; Community development; Cross functional management; Decision making; Distribution; Execution; Expansion; Globalization; Growth; Incubators; Inventory management; Managing uncertainty; Order processing; Plant location; Risk; Social Security; Supply chain management; Uncertainty; Warehousing

            Learning Outcomes

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            Please describe the learning outcomes.

            When students are presented with the case, they place themselves in the role of the decision maker as they read through the situation and identify the problem they are faced with. The next step is to perform the necessary analysis - examining the causes and considering alternative courses of actions to come to a set of recommendations.

              Didactical Concept

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              Please describe the key aspects of the didactical / instructional design, such as papers and presentation material used.


                Course Development

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                Collection of material used.

                Collaborators - Please upload your research material and results here:
                Submit your publication here. This can contain an article, a Power Point presentation and summary or a term paper etc.

                  Experiences and Feedback

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                  All users provide their experiences

                  In the classroom, the case method challenges students to use problem-solving, decision-making skills just as they would in the workplace. The approach fosters teamwork, individual reflection and active participation.

                    Follow up

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                    The group discusses and agrees on changes which should be made based on the feedback.