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Describe the brief idea in max three sentences

To gain speed and agility, your organization must transformitself. Transformation today requires insourcing – the bold engagement of your own people around a vision for change and a sense of urgency.
When combined with rigorous coordination and change leadership, you will create an organization capable of moving quickly in the face of any change and of generating tangible business results – continuously.

    Initial idea / vision

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    Describe the initial ideas and vision for the project

    Kotter’s 8-steps process equips businesses with the means and method to transform themselves quickly, continuously and with powerful results. His international bestseller Leading Change (1996), is consideredby many to be the seminal work in the field of change management.
    Unsuccessful transitions almost always founder during at least one of the following phases: generating a sense of urgency, establishinga powerful guiding coalition, developing a vision, communicating the vision clearly and often, removing obstacles, planning for and creating short-term wins, avoiding premature declarations of victory, and embedding changes in the corporate culture.

      Scope planning

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      Describe the scope of planned project

      Students will describe the key processes, outlining the largest errors that can doom these efforts and explaining the general lessons that encourage success.
      What the Change Vision and Strategy Accomplishes
      The change vision and strategy give the organization a picture of what the future looks like after the change is implemented.  It tells organizational stakeholders why they should let go of the past, sacrifice and work hard in  the present, and follow senior leadership into the future.  It creates a sensible and appealing picture of the future, and it provides guidance for organizational decision-making.  Sensible and appealing are important.
      How the Change Vision and Strategy is Developed
      A critical responsibility for leadership is setting the direction for the organization for the future.  For this reason, senior leadership must retain some of the responsibility for creating a high-level description of the change vision and strategy.  Delegating all of the responsibility for this step to the guiding coalition is not desirable.  Often, it is best for a single senior leader or a small group of senior leaders to make a first draft.
      What Does a Successful Change Vision and Strategy Look Like
      Once completed, senior leadership and the guiding coalition should be able to describe the change vision and strategy in five minutes.  It will be easy to communicate.  Complexity is not good here!  If employees and managers do not understand the desired future, the resulting organizational change initiatives will be unsuccessful.  A successful change vision and strategy will identify the areas of change,  provide clear and realistic targets for measuring success, and appeal to the long-term interests of organizational stakeholders.

      • Teresa

        Strategy creation follows a three-stage process: - Analyzing the context in which you're operating. (Analyze Your Organization; Analyze Your Environment; Analyze Your Customers and Stakeholders; Analyze Your Competitors) - Identifying strategic options. (Brainstorm Options; Examine Opportunities and Threats; Solve Problems) - Evaluating and selecting the best options. (Evaluate Options; Choose the Best Way Forward)

      Planned activities and tasks

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      Describe which activities and tasks could be undertaken by the project


        Partners involved

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        List the partners and main responsibilities

        Students,professors and visiting lectures will provide ideas and knowledge to the topic in this project to equip students with solid information for their group work.

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          List the networks the project can connect to


            Tasks and deadlines

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            Distribute tasks and deadlines


              Draft the proposal

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              Draft all sections and UPLOAD data and research papers HERE!

              How will the future differ from the past and how to make the future reality?
              Source: http://das-pinguin-prinzip.com/dieachtschritte/schritt3.html
              Video-Summary of "Our Iceberg is melting" (John Kotter): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sunwvPrjjU
              John P. Kotter is explaining what the Book "Our Iceberg is melting" is about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh2xc6vXQgk

              Harmonize proposal

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              Harmonize key findings and combine results


                Submit proposal

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                Submit the results and key findings of the poject work HERE!

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